2019-2020 AWC, Inc. Leadership

The new Alamance Women’s Community, Inc. year is underway and the new Board is actively working to encourage general membership participation, grow our opportunities for service, and invite more community-minded women to share in our work and fellowship.

Won’t you Bee-come a Member?

Front row: P. King. V. Thomspon, B. Flick, E. Bryan; Back row: T. Moss, R. Tapp, P. Allen,  L. Moore, J. Williamson, C. Gerringer. Not pictured: S. Underwood, S. Ward.

2019-2020 Officers and Directors:

President – R. Tapp

Vice President – P. King

Treasurer – L. Moore

Recording Secretary – P. Allen

Past President – V. Thompson

Director – E. Bryan

Director – B. Flick

Director – C. Gerringer

Director – T. Moss

Director – S. Underwood

Director – S. Ward

Director – J. Williamson

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