Christmas Cheer in our Community

Christmas Cheer of Alamance County is a program that “provides Christmas assistance for Alamance County families who have children that are in the 8th grade or younger and the elderly 60 years old and older [with the] main goal to provide children with toys, food for their family’s Christmas dinner and warm clothes when possible. For the elderly we focus on food and warm clothing.”

Alamance Women’s Community, Inc. has long been a sponsor of this program that is well appreciated in our community. Not only has our organization supported Christmas Cheer financially but several members have given their own personal time to the effort in interviewing cases, managing paperwork, and shopping on Christmas Cheer’s behalf.

This year in addition to our financial donation, AWC, Inc. chose to also “adopt” an elderly woman in our community for whom we could personally shop and cheer directly with a visit. This personal interaction is a strong facet of Christmas Cheer’s program. From the program website:

We allow our community not only the opportunity to give financial support to those experiencing hard times, but the greater opportunity to get involved with a hurting family and make a difference.

When we respond personally to the needs of those around us, a spirit of kindness and generosity is fostered. It is this spirit that has spread throughout Alamance County for so many years, making it a great place to live, work and play. A place you can be proud to call home.

AWC, Inc. bought several outfits and cold weather gear for Ms. Thomas


The women of AWC, Inc. were blessed to have met Ms. Thomas and to share with her clothing, groceries, and a visit from members L. Moore, R. Tapp. B. Flick, and C. Gerringer.

AWC, Inc. took time to purchase groceries that would last would bring Christmas Cheer even after the holidays





We encourage others in our community to support Christmas Cheer of Alamance County or to join us in doing so.


Thank you to the Special Projects Committee for bringing this need to our attention and to the AWC, Inc. ladies who chose to serve Ms. Thomas.


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